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Hong Kong Foam considers quality based on worldwide standards. Each product is manufactured and then it is tested by accurate testing devices to be in accordance with requirements of our standards. Hong Kong foam supplies these rubber foams with reasonable price. If you want to buy rubber foam, Hong Kong Foam can be a trustable manufacturer.

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DENSITY:from120 Kg/.m³



MOQ (SHEET):variable




EPDM Foam 160

DENSITY:from100公斤/ m³



MOQ (SHEET):variable




NBR Foam 100

DENSITY:from115 Kg/.m³



MOQ (SHEET):variable




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1. Buy rubber foam:CR foam

What is Chloroprene Rubber?

Chloroprene or neoprene rubber is a very beneficial synthetic rubber, which is a brand of DuPont functional elastomer for a class of chloroprene rubber. In other words, Polychloroprene is the name of a polymer for synthetic rubbers known as Neoprene.

History and how Polychloroprene rubber is produced

氯丁橡胶是第一个名单ed and supplied by the American company Dupont in 1931 and is one of the first commercially successful synthetic rubbers.

The company first introduced the rubber under the name Duprene, but in 1939 changed its name to the Neoprene brand.

This rubber is made through emulsion polymerization (emulsion polymerization) or free Chloroprene free radical, at a temperature of 38 ° C in the presence of sulfur and is found in both latex and solid forms.

1-2 The solid type is divided into other types, which are mentioned below:

General use category of Polychloroprene

General purpose of polychloroprene rubbers are divided into two categories G which include: GN, GNA, GRT, GT, GW and W category which include: W, WHV, WRT, WD, WX, WB, WK, TW, TRT.

Type G has a higher vulcanization rate under conditions equal to W. Type G tends to crystallize less than W.

Type W is sulfur free while Type G is a copolymer of chloroprene and a small amount of sulfur; GRT and WRT types are the most resistant grades of these types against crystallization, respectively.

Special purpose category for Polychloroprene

Special purpose Chloroprenes include FB, FC, HC, KNR, S.

The special parameters that lead to the production of polychloroprene rubbers are as follows:

Sulfur correction (Tyoram types, Mastication)
Correction with mercaptan (types with mercaptan, tendency to crystallize)
Modifiers (types of monic viscosity, processability)
Stabilizers (color control and longevity)
Copolymerization with other monomers
Ignition features (easy detection method)
It burns in the flame and continues to burn after the flame is removed.
The flame is yellow to orange.
It has black smoke with carbon particles.
It does not drip on the flame.
It has a nasty and burning smell.

The major part (more than 85%) of chloroprene rubber (CR) consists of Trans 1 and 4-chloroprene (Trans 1,4 Chloroprene), which gives the rubber the ability to crystallize by traction, and therefore cooked products. They have a high tensile strength.

Baking methods: This rubber is vulcanized only with metal oxide system.

2.Buy rubber foam:EPDM Foam rubber

EPDM rubber is one of the most widely used industrial rubbers that is used in various industries. But what are the advantages of this rubber that has made it widely used in various industries. In this article, we will learn more aboutEPDM rubberinsulation and its application and benefits, as well as the reasons for using this industrial rubber.

What is EPDM rubber?

EPDM stands for Ethylene Polypropylene Deine Monomer. It is actually a synthetic rubber that is used in a wide range of industries. EPDM is mostly used in automotive and construction industries due to its excellent resistance to environmental factors such as ozone, UV and various weather conditions. However, it is better to know more about the history of EPDM sealing and sealing rubber.


It may be important for you to know who made the EPDM?

EPDM was first introduced in 1962 by Karl Ziegler. But this discovery was later expanded by the same German scientist and Italian scientist “Giulio Natta” and won the Nobel Prize.

After the rubber was produced in the United States, it was used to insulate the roof surface. In the 1970s, the use of EPDM as roof insulation became commonplace. But why? In the 1970s, the price of petroleum products became so high due to oil embargoes by countries in the Middle East, to the point that the use of bitumen and isogum in the United States was no longer a costly process, so manufacturers used to insulate roofs. They used PDF instead of isogum and gypsum.

But this is not the only reason for using this rubber polymer, in fact, the higher durability and greater strength of EPDM polymer caused a significant use compared to its previous counterpart, namely isogum and gypsum.

In the following, we will talk about the benefits and applications of this thermal and moisture insulation.


2-2 Buy rubber foam : Advantages of EPDM insulation

Now that we know what EPDM is, it’s best to learn more about its benefits and applications.

EPDM sheets have excellent resistance to weather, humidity, heat and UV rays. In addition, the heat resistance of the EPDM tape is very high.

These features have made this tape widely used in shipping and water and sewage facilities.

EPDM is generally a versatile commercial material because it is a low-cost, high-performance polymer. It can be claimed that it is used in all industries.

So far we are familiar with the many advantages and features of this cheap polymer tape, but it is better to get acquainted with its limitations and disadvantages.

Another advantage of EPDM tape is its different and wide sizes, which allows it to be used in different industries. In addition, the tensile strength of this chemical polymer is very high. For example: EPDM rubber in The roof is used, it can withstand a weight of 1300 kg without tearing.

2-3 Below you can see all the features ofEPDMin a nutshell.

· Maintain durability even over time

· Resistance to climate change (heat, cold, rain, snow, ice and hail, etc.)

· Resistant to a wide range of chemicals

· Completely opposite molecular structure

· Permanent elastic state and very flexible

· High traction in corners up to 600%

· It is flexible in cold weather and even below 45 degrees Celsius.

· Without shrinking and shrinking

· Resistant to bitumen

· Limitation of EPDM polymer tape

EPDM is not compatible with most oils, gasoline, kerosene, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, halogenated solvents and concentrated acids.

On the other hand, the neutral nature of this chemical polymer makes EPDM not easily adhere to different surfaces. But to create adhesion in this polymer, the process of vulcanizing the polymer during manufacturing is used. Using the right materials to create a sticky state in the tape is very complicated and requires great care.

Buy rubber foam : Applications of EPDM tape

The numerous advantages and properties of EPDM have led to its use in various industries. In this section, we will discuss the applications of this polymer tape in various industries and explain the reason for its use.

Used in shipbuilding industry

由于三元乙丙橡胶防水的特性和它的阻力tance to salt, this polymer is used in sealing the joints of ships and boats. Resistance to sea salt, as well as the durability and elasticity of rubber, has made this rubber band a better alternative as a waterproofing in the shipbuilding industry.

2-4 EPDM in glass facades

One of the important applications of EPDM is its use in sealing and sealing glass facades. It can be said that this insulation is used in all glass facade products.

For example, in a glass facade, the curtain wall is covered byEPDMto prevent water from penetrating and also to prevent coldness into the facade, between the vertical and horizontal blades and where they are connected to each other.

It is also used in other structures that are executed in the interior of the building. For example, EPDM rubber is used in the design and installation of glass railings. The reason for using this rubber is to prevent water from penetrating into the structure. EPDM tape is also used to strengthen the handrail of glass railings. In the figure below, you can see the details of glass railings. In this view, you can see the application of EPDM sealing rubber.

3.Buy rubber foam:NBR Foam

we want to introduce the NBR Foam & every aspect of this product.
NBR Rubber can be customized by us to gaskets, tapes, pipes, egg crate & cushions products.
To make a better decision for Buy rubber foam, we tried to explain every aspect of NBR rubber. We hope this article helps you to make a better decision for Buy rubber foam.
NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) is a synthetic co-polymer with various butadiene monomers.
NBR Foam also has different commercial names such as Perbunan, Nipol & Europrene.
The synthetic rubber (like NBR) is usually resistant to oil & chemicals.
If we have more nitrile within the polymer, the behavior changes. For example, the resistance against oils increases but the flexibility of materials decreases.
NBR Foam sheet , for example, has a key element, the “nitrile”. The nitrile plays an important role because the chemical & physical properties rely on the composition of nitrile.
Production of NBR

3-1 Buy rubber foam:raw material

At first, we have the raw material. The raw material is yellow. After the manufacturing process, the material can be orange or red-tinted. At the end of the procedure, we have hotNBR Foam!
The hot NBR rubber has radical generating activators & added catalyst to polymerization vessels.
There is no major difference between the production of hot NBR & cold NBR. In fact, the cold NBR or hotNBR Foam是可区分的号码啊f branches.
In the procedure of monomer recovery, the unwanted solids were removed by latex which is sent through numbers of filters where it stabilized with “antioxidant”.
You can understand the difference between NBR rubber & any other kind of foam-like EVA Foam immediately.
In fact, when you get a piece of NBR foam from suppliers, you will find out the difference between theNBR foam& any other kind of foams like EVA foam , etc.
After the production of PVC Nitrile, we have a very smooth & soft outer skin on both sides.
This surface has a resilient touch and good flexibility. You can even use this resilient surface for some applications like yoga.
The cells of the foam are clear on the surface sheets.
The final product of NBR is a black piece of foam. You can also work with cutting & fabrication machinery like foam lamination (PSA) & Die-Cutting system.
在丁腈橡胶生产的整个过程中,您将be able to transform the NBR to different kinds of foam products like gaskets, mats, tapes & seals.
The “Hong Kong Foam” company can produce customized products according to customer requirements.
The NBR has opened cell structure & closed cell structure that the closed cell is more popular & more efficient for producing the different kind of foams.

3-2 Buy rubber foam:NBR rubberSpecifications

before Buy rubber foam NBR you understand the is a wonderful product that we can create thousands of applications of this foam. You can also see the benefits of NBR Foam on below:
• Great thermal insulation with low thermal conductivity
• Low moisture & water absorption
• Excellent acoustic insulation & sound dampening
• Cushioning accessory
• Gaskets & seal of the automotive industry
• Ideal for Building & construction industry
• Durable & good strength to deformation
• Deliver an excellent cushioning & shock absorption
• Non-toxic material & safe for children
• Strong against abrasions
We have also disposable non-latex or latex-free gloves for nuclear uses & automotive transmission belts manufactured from NBR Foam.
The one the most important feature of this product is theNBR Foamhas great resistance to mildew, ozone & fungi.
Ready to buy foam? PleasE Order now. If you need more information, Please contact us.
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  • What is rubber foam and what is the percentage of air?

    Foam rubber, also called sponge rubber or latex foam, made in Hong Kong foam is a flexible and porous material made from a natural or synthetic latex that is mixed with various materials and foamed. . The resulting product contains approximately 85% air and 15% rubber and can be molded and vulcanized.

  • Is the rubber the same as foam and can it be ordered?

    Yes, you can place your purchase order in the link in the tables above, depending on the product selection, and say about rubber foam with iodine. A foam rubber product has many material properties similar to a sponge rubber product, but they are not the same. In manufacturing conditions, a foam uses a blowing or "foaming" agent to inject a polymer melt with gas-filled bubbles.

  • Is rubber foam toxic or have negative health effects?

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency, exposure to some of the main ingredients of polyurethane foam - isocyanates - can cause a range of adverse health effects, including asthma, lung damage and respiratory problems, and skin and eye irritation.


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