Physically cross-linked foam


Physically cross-linked foam is produced through advanced technology. It is one of subcategories ofcross-linked foams. It has superior physical properties and sophisticated dimensional stability. With electron beam process the product is extruded. And it is done through additives. The mechanical properties of this foam are retched up through dilatation. This yields a foam with very dense structure in terms of proximity of cells of foam. However, its surface remains totally smooth. For various usages, it will have different shapes such as sheet, role and tube, or multilayered.

This product is sometimes also named IXPE. Actually, it has higher and more quality properties in terms of physical and mechanical characteristics of foam. And it has higher and more sophisticated dimensional durability. Therefore, it is a common product in various sectors of industry.

Hong Kong Foam is equipped with many different machines such as CNC, die cutting machine and cutting machine and etc. therefore it is capable of delivery of almost all shapes that industry needs.

What is foam?

physically cross-linked foam

Some properties of physically cross-linked foam:

It has not any smell

Light, resilient, with structure with close cells

It is not absorbent. Its chemical resistance is high


Resistance against weathering

在制造这一公关的阶段oduct, hot oven operation is undergone. Therefore, dilatation has great influence on the properties of such foam. This process prolongs the delivery time longer than delivery time of XLPE foam. However, this curing not only brings about a closed-cell structure, but also a smooth surface is yielded.

Usages of physically cross-linked foam:

Car industry: car floor mat, gaskets & sealings, etc.

Construction: playground underlay, roofing insulation, wall and etc.

Consumer commodities: caps, slippers, paddings, packaging, gaskets etc.

Insulation: acoustic insulation, pipe work, thermal insulation and etc.

Hong Kong Foam and physically cross-linked foam:

Hong Kong Foam is equipped with the newest machinery and equipped of foam industry. It has highest quality physically cross-linked foam. This foam which is manufactured in Hong Kong Foam is highly durable and light with smooth surface. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need the quality foam product.

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